Support from Councillors during this emergency

During these difficult times, your local councillors will do their level best to help to support the communities that they serve, working with other partners and local volunteers. Those areas that have Town or Parish Councils are communicating this through their own channels, however for Braintree and Bocking residents without either a Parish or Town Council your councillors are here to help and you should contact the relevant councillor in the list below.  If you have friends or relatives in a different area please feel to share this information so they can also contact their local councillor.  If anyone is ensure who their councillor please call the office Tuesday or Thursdays between 9 and 2 :

Braintree Central

Andrew Hensman  Tel: 07966 543262

Saif Rehman            Tel: 01376 749786 or 07801 473967

Justin Wrench         Tel: 01376 569274 or 07746 331610

Braintree South

Kevin Bowers           Tel: 01376 323196

Dean Wallace           Tel: 07847 563978

Braintree West

Mary Cunningham   Tel: 07811 780355

John McKee               Tel: 01376 326358

Bocking Blackwater

Trevor McArdle        Tel: 01376 408750

Wendy Schmitt         Tel: 01376 345363

Lyn Walters               Tel: 01376 551671

Bocking South

John Baugh                Tel: 01376 552983

Ian Pritchard              Tel: 07502 229077


John McKee

Chairman, BCCA