Braintree District Council Candidates 2015

Please click on the title above to expand and find a list of your Conservative local government candidates for 2015, standing for election to Braintree District Council. (Some of these candidates are situated within the Witham constituency.)

  • Bocking Blackwater: Stephen Canning, Wendy Schmitt and Lyn Walters
  • Bocking South: John Baugh and Lene Shepherd
  • Braintree South: Malcolm Dunn and Vanessa Santomauro
  • Braintree West: John McKee and Ron Ramage
  • Bumpstead: Robert Bolton
  • Coggeshall: Lynette Bowers-Flint and Patricia Newton
  • Gosfield & Greenstead Green: John O'Reilly-Cicconi
  • Great Notley & Black Notley: Graham Butland, Tom Cunningham and Frankie Ricci
  • Halstead St Andrews: Stephen Kirby and Jennie Sutton
  • Hatfield Peverel & Terling: David Bebb and Daryn Hufton-Rees
  • Hedingham: Joanne Beavis and Hylton Johnson
  • Kelvedon & Feering: John Elliott and Robert Mitchell
  • Rayne: Mike Banthorpe
  • Silver End and Cressing: Kevin Bowers
  • Stour Valley North: Iona Parker
  • Stour Valley South: Wendy Scattergood
  • The Colnes: Chris Siddall and Gabrielle Spray
  • Three Fields: Peter Schwier and Peter Tattersley
  • Witham Central: Angela Kilmartin and Susan Wilson
  • Witham North: Christopher Bailey
  • Witham South: Janet Money and Corinne Thompson
  • Witham West: Patrick Horner and Bill Rose
  • Yeldham: Richard van Dulken


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