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Welcome to the Braintree Constituency Conservative Association (BCCA) website, I am John McKee, Chairman of the Association.

We are a welcoming association and would look forward to any applications from new members. For an application form please ring 01376 512386.

James Cleverly has been the Member of Parliament for the Braintree Constituency since May 2015 and continues to be a straight talking voice for Constituents.

In January 2018, James was appointed, by the Prime Minister, as Deputy Chairman of the Party. 

If you have any comments then please feel free to e-mail us on theoffice@braintreeconservatives.co.uk

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Braintree Constituency Conservative Association        

Constituency Report 2017

2017 was a year which tested the stamina of Conservative activists in the Braintree Association, as it probably did throughout the country. However the outcome at local level was one that we can take pride in; whilst the results of the county council elections were not unexpected in terms of seats held, the size of our majorities at both county and general elections were pleasantly greater than we might have wished.

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