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Welcome to the Braintree Consituency Conservative Associaiton (BCCA) website, I am Nigel McCrea, Chairman of the Association.

We are a welcoming association and would look forward to any applications for new members. For an application form please ring 01376 512 386.

On Tuesday 13th January 2015 after a careful selection process, Braintree Conservatives chose James Cleverly to be our Parliamentary Candidate. You will see and hear a lot about James in the coming weeks and months and I am very pleased to be able to introduce him to you as someone who I believe is a straight talking voice for our Constituency.

If you have any comments then please feel free to e-mail us on theoffice@braintreeconservatives.co.uk

Featured Story

We are delighted that Diana Garrod was elected as the Braintree District Councillor for Bumpstead Ward. 

Thank you to everyone who helped with her campaign, which saw her elected with 64.5% of the votes. 

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Lowering the cap on benefits

At the last election the Conservatives promised to lower the benefits cap to ensure that work pays, whilst protecting those most in need. And now we are delivering on that commitment.

UK GDP growth

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics show that between July and September 2016, the British economy grew by 0.5%, meaning our economy has grown by over 1.5% in 2016.As we move toward negotiations with the EU, we are determined to get the best deal for families and businesses.

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Friday, 9th Dec 2016
James Cleverly M.P. will be at the Hedingham Sports and Social Club, Station Roa...


Thursday, 19th Jan 2017
Despite his hectic schedule, Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg M.P. has agreed to come and talk...