Unemployment in Braintree falls by 1,174 since 2010

A version of this article was originally published on James's blog, at www.cleverly4braintree.com.

Figures released this week show that 1,174 fewer people in the Braintree constituency are claiming Jobseeker's Allowance compared to 2010, a 61% drop.

This means more people in work, with the security of a good job and regular pay packet so they can provide for themselves and their families.

Jobs are being created in the local area by businesses like Milbank Concrete Products Ltd in Earls Colne and King & Co, The Tree Nursery in Rayne which I visited last week.

People are getting off benefits and into work across East Anglia, with 207,000 more people in work in the East of England since the last election. Across the UK, there are 2 million more people at work since the last election.

But all this is at risk if Ed Miliband gets into Downing Street, propped up by the SNP. Because Labour are facing a wipeout in Scotland, he'll have to rely on the SNP for support. With Nicola Sturgeon calling the shots, we would suffer here in Braintree. They would hike up borrowing, hit pay packets, and cost us jobs.

That's why it's so important to vote Conservative here on 7 May and secure a brighter future for our area. We just can't afford to risk it with Labour and the SNP.

James Cleverly, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Braintree